Each Caribbean island has its own visa regulations. In general though, if your trip is for less than three months, without a return ticket, then you won’t need a visa to visit the Caribbean. The exception is Cuba, where you will need a Tourist Card.
Many Caribbean countries have their own local currency, such as Barbados, Jamaica and the Bahamas, others such as Antigua, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis and others, have the Eastern Caribbean dollar. However most islands will accept UD dollars, travellers cheques and major credit cards. If you travel to the French Caribbean Islands then you will need Euros.
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There are direct flights to all the larger Caribbean islands from the UK with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Some of the smaller islands will require onwards flights or ferry/water taxi transfer.
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English is the main language spoken in the vast majority of the Caribbean islands, however you will hear occasionally hear local patois being spoken by islanders. French is also spoken on the French islands; Martinique, Guadeloup and St Barths.
Travel Insurance is a must for any travel and the Caribbean is no exception. Don’t forget to pack plenty high factor sun cream as the cooling trade winds can be deceptive. For those susceptible to mosquito bites, then insect repellent is also needed.
There are so many places to choose from when it comes to wedding destinations in the Caribbean, from idyllic, white sand beaches to lush, vibrant botanic gardens. Each island has its own pre-residency requirements; for example, in Grenada and Dominica its 24 hours whereas Antigua and Barbados have no pre-residency period.I
High season is December to April, and these months tend to be cooler and drier. The so-called rainy season can vary from island to island but generally starts in June and goes through to November, however rain showers are generally brief and are quickly followed by glorious sunshine. The peak season for hurricanes tends to be mid August to mid September.

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